Super Engineering Works Blog Latest Products Sat, 20 Jul 2024 14:56:29 +0530 en-us Current Transformer: All You Need To Know Fri, 26 Jul 2019 12:23:29 +0530 A current transformer (CT) is a kind of instrument transformer that is used with several measuring devices. In those protective devices, the subordinate current remains proportional to the main current and approximately differs by a zero angle. Functions of CT: Current transformers are used for different functions such as – • It supplies the protecting relays with currents, whose magnitude remain proportional to the magnitude of the power circuit. Though there is a significant reduction in magnitude.  • The protective devices offered by the current transformer manufacturers cannot have a direct connection with the supplies of high magnitude. This is why current transformers supply current to those devices whose magnitude is proportional to their power.  • A CT is responsible to isolate high voltage circuits and the protective instruments. Principle of working: Well, the basic principle of working for a CT is similar to a power transformer (PT). Like a PT, the CT contains two windings – primary and secondary. Every time an alternating current (AC) flows into the primary winding, it generates an alternating magnetic flux, which in turn encourages AC into the secondary winding. In the case of CT, the burden or load impedance is negligible. This is why the CT needs to operate in short circuit conditions. On the other hand, the secondary winding do not have a need to depend on the burden, rather they depend on the flow of current in the primary winding.  Types of Current Transformer: The current transformer exporters provide multiple types of current transformer goods to many parts of the country and abroad. Depending upon the functions of CTs, they can be classified as – 1. Measuring current transformers – These are used to measure power, energy, and current. They are used with other measuring devices. 2. Protective current transformers – These are used with other protection equipment including relays, trip coils, etc. Depending upon the function construction of CT, they can be classified as – 1. Bar type – the integral part of the current transformer contains a bar of appropriate material and size. 2. Wound type – instead of having a full turn wound around the core, the current transformer contains an ore primary winding. 3. Window type – current transformer contains no primary winding. Its secondary wind is placed surrounding the current flowing conductor. The current flowing creates magnetic electric field via the conductor that encourages current flow through the secondary winding.  Advantages of current transformers: 1. It can measure very large current  2. Readings are not dependent on inductance, resistance, or capacitance value of the CT. It is to be noted that the main and subordinate windings of a CT are not made of pure inductive coils, still, they have the three parameters – C, L, and R. 3. The ammeter remains connected within the secondary winding and thus the measuring current is not associated with the power circuit, which is crucial for any high voltage system. 4. One CT is enough to operate multiple measuring instruments 5. CT can successfully measure the amount of power consumption in the circuit. In the operations of multiple relays, CT can be used in the power system. The manufacturers produce current transformer products by maintaining all the quality standards and using state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing quality products in the industry. Various Types Of Needle Panel Meters Thu, 31 Oct 2019 14:45:50 +0530 A needle panel meter, commonly known as an ammeter is a measuring instrument which is used for measuring the current running through a circuit. The electric current is measured in terms of amperes. There are different types of panel meter available in the market which is used for measuring different quantities of current in terms of milliampere or microampere.   When these ammeters first came out in the market, they were mere laboratory instruments which completely relied on the magnetic field of the Earth for its operation. However, by the 19th century, with changes and modification in the device, the instrument got improved greatly. It has been specially designed so that it could be easily mounted in any desired position for seeking accurate measurements from the system circulating electric power.   What are the different types of Needle Panel Meters?   The needle-type panel meter exporters sell various types of current measuring equipment at a pocket-friendly cost. These machines are made using high-quality material and top-notch technology to ensure that the user gets an accurate reading from using it. Here, in this article, we will be dealing with the different types of needle panel meters available in the market.   • The Panel Meter with a Moving Coil   There are few types of galvanometers which are an ammeter with a moving coil. These devices make use of the magnetic force, which leads to deflection when current passes through the coil which is placed within the magnetic field of any permanent magnet. This charge of the magnet leads to movement in the coil, this recording the current strength.   The needle present in the panel meter moves in the direction opposite of the current because the magnetic field is kept polarised. This type of meter is commonly used in the ammeters and other such devices like the voltammeter or ohmmeter.   • Meter with a Moving Magnet   There are a few ammeters which have moving meters for the operation. The principle of this type of ammeter is quite similar to the ones who have a loving coil. The only point of difference between the two is the presence of a coil, which is mounted on the meter case and the use of a permanent magnet for moving the needle.   In devices using this mechanism, a larger amount of current can be carried. It is because the coils are made of thicker wire and the absence of hair springs help in current to stay instead of getting carried away.   • Panel Meters Utilizing Electrodynamics   There is newly designed ammeter which makes use of electromagnet in place of a permanent magnet. This type of instruments can respond to both the alternating current as well as direct current.   • Panel Meters with the Moving Current   There are certain ammeters which make use of a piece of iron which leads to the movement of the needle. The piece of iron includes a moving vane which is attached with a pointer along with a fixed vane. A coil surrounds it. These ammeters are commonly used for measuring the current of the AC circuits present in the industrial frequency. The immense benefits of using Digital Panel Meters Wed, 05 Feb 2020 15:56:10 +0530 Digitization is spreading like light and the 21st Century is considered to be Digital age. Digitization is being used in everything from meters in houses, Automobiles, airplanes, etc. Every signaling device uses digital panel meters. Industrial and electrical companies use constantly Digital Panel Meters for monitoring temperature, pressure, voltage, and current, etc. These Digital Panel Meters can measure this accurately error-free. However, many digital panel meters are customized as per the industrial needs. There are advantages of uses of Digital panel Meters as: • Accuracy Digital Panel Meters are providing accurate data. Due to the presence of computer-generated numeric displays, it is easy to take readings accurately against any voltage or current. They reduce reading and interpolation errors. This accuracy helps to give you maintain your machinery accurately and manufacture it easily. Compare prices online from different websites to get the best deals. But do not compromise with the quality service as hiring cheap providers could lead to cheap service. Hiring a good quality will do the job efficiently and on time within your budget. Many Digital Panel Meters manufacturers offer quality services at an affordable price. • Durable and Handy Digital Panel Meters are quite durable & handy. They are handy and can be brought to any place, allowing you to reach difficult places also. They are easy to maintain and they have long life-span. They are quite tampering resistant and can be shifted easily. There are lots of Digital Panel Meters Exporters who are exporting meters easily from India to other countries. Due to durability and handy, it can be fitted to any equipment without any difficulty. • Modular Architecture Digital Panel Meters can be easily configured in any device without any additional machinery or equipment. Thus due to the modular architecture of Digital Panel Meters, they are easy to use and can replace any analog panel meters in many applications. This manufacturer of digital panel meters makes it easy to handle and can be export to anywhere in the world. • Overload Protection Another benefit of digital panel meters is a defensive mechanism against Overload which makes it useful in electrical equipment. These Digital Panel Meters can expose them to a neutral position. Thus this Overload Protection feature makes them unique to use them over a vast number of industrial products. It can also prevent damages to the meter if the wrong range or specifications is selected.   Industrial Manufacturing equipment usually uses accurate meters to give exact data. The availability of unique feature of showing error-free data and durability will make it use it in various products. Digital Panel Meters gives accurate output for processing and recording and various computer-controlled applications. It can also be used in testing continuity, capacitors, transistors, and many more products. They have very high impedance and making it use it widely in industrial products. Thus you can buy the products without looking further at its specifications, and with the presence of durability, this can be ordered anywhere in the world from Digital Panel Meters Exporters. Electronic Control Panel – Attributes & Accessories Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:55:51 +0530 Electrical control panels are specially designed so that those can be used as control mechanical tool. Each of the panels contains particular arrangements and specific devices which allow controlling of the specified tools by an operator. All the components of the electrical panel act to control all the tools used in every industry. Most of the organizations and industries have pre-defined their preferences for desired components; hence, it is tough describing every probable combination. If your application demands quick speed on of the control panels, you have plenty of time to do that. You can get help of someone who is well aware of what you are up to. You should begin from the basics and grow from there. Here we go.Descriptions of electrical control panel: If you are not familiar with the functionalities of electrical control panels, you can get help of the electrical control panel accessories exporters. They will help you learn more about the initial stage of learning and about the terms which are used in describing those. So, what are the important categories for describing those? How they are described? Before that you should know what the major attributes of electrical control panels are.Electrical control panel attributes: 1. Safety ratings2. Enclosure ratings3. Main power4. Control power5. Door mounted operator devices6. Sequence of operation7. Remote control interfaceEvery control panel has a controller in it. It may be DCS, relay, PLC or any other types. It makes the MCC panel to receive the digital input signal. It is necessary for starting the motor. The working of the control panel is designed based on relay logic or the DCS or PLC program. Devices usually remain connected to the electrical control panel. The panel will hold the interlock indications. Today, most industries use a single panel which includes a separate MCC panel and offers better isolated control. PLC control panels are better than other traditional relay based structures and it is basically due to its reduced size, easy modified logic, advanced technology used and modes of remote communications. The engineers of electrical control systems have offers PLC control panels. They have also provided every range of small to complex input and output systems to be used in it. Control panel engineers have also developed specially designed communication software for controlling remote communications through the PLC based panels under multiple protocols. In the PLC control panels, MMI or HMI are provided to access different messages by the operator and these also help in controlling the touch screen provided for the MMI.Electrical control panel accessories: Various electronic control panel accessories are available at the veteran suppliers and exporters of the industry such as indicating light exporters of India. A few examples of such accessories are - 1. Toggle switches2. Terminal blocks3. Stereo sockets4. Single phase preventer5. Rocker switches6. Push switches7. Panel door switch8. On load change over switches9. Oil tight limit switches10. Needle panel meter11. Multi socket enclosures12. Mono sockets13. Metal clad plug and socket14. Industrial hooter15. Indicating light16. Electronic components17. Electrical control panel accessories, etc. All the push button switches exporters offer market leading price range. The Benefits Of Using Push Button Switches Mon, 20 Jul 2020 13:54:04 +0530 Machines were invented to help people. It makes our work much easier and saves a lot of time. Technological advancement has helped to make the machines much swifter. With every technological progress in the electrical field, the machines move a step forward. The Pushbutton switches are one such invention that has helped to use the machines much conveniently. The Push Button Switches Exporters India knows what the Indian market requires. They order the switches as per the requirement of the Indian electrical market. The switches are available in three parts i.e. the stationary contacts, the grooves, and the actuator. What Is Push Button Switches? The Pushbutton switches are a special type of switches that help to control the various processes or the different types of actions in any machine. The switches are usually shaped to match your fingers or your hands so that you can operate the machines easily. It is usually small so that it can be fitted anywhere. It completes an electrical circuit. Machines or a process that runs with the help of electricity requires push button switches. The Push Button Switches Exporters from Delhi knows very well which machine requires which type of such switches. The switches that they sell both open as well as closed push button switches. Advantages Of Using Push Button Switches The buttons are made of either metal or plastic. Push buttons are the new type of switches invented for better use of the machines. The pushbuttons have changed the structure of switches and made it much more efficient. Here are some of the advantages of using pushbuttons switches: • The pushbuttons take up less space in any machines or switchboard • The buttons are much firmer and easier to use • As the buttons are attached to the machine or switchboard it cannot be stolen easily • The cost of the push buttons is much less than any other switches • The buttons are small which can help to accommodate in any place • The buttons can resist higher voltages or short circuits and do get destroyed. What Are The Applications Of Push Buttons? The pushbuttons can be used in variable applicators and machines. They are many easy to use rather than other switches. Hence, the Push Button Switches Exporters make sure that the qualities of the buttons are good and they can last for a long time before exporting them. Some of the applications of push buttons are as follows: • The pushbuttons can be used in the simple calculators, telephones, and many other home appliances • These switches are even used in robots or other bots to switch on and off the supply of power • The pushbuttons are denoted by colours that indicate the use of the buttons for which purpose • As the buttons can take high voltage they are often used as switches for heavy machines like fridges, air conditioners, etc. The push-button switches are now used in almost every appliance that is being used in the household and also in the offices. The buttons are extremely useful in recent times. The machines using these buttons have a longer lifespan than usual. Hooter– Why it is an important device for safety purpose? Wed, 07 Oct 2020 11:23:03 +0530 The hooter is a kind of electronic device which gives an audio output and has a visual indication and has a built-in accept facility, thereby saving on the cost of a contactor or relay. It functions as a single-window annunciating system. Programmable Timer Hooter with Potential Free O/P’s. Routine Time Announcement System. Also, can be controlled wireless.Hooter exporters offer different sounds hooters like Telephone Ringer, Siren, Musical, Melody, Multi-Tone, Single Tone, Wireless and Inexpensive modelsWhat is the industrial hooter and where is best to use? Industrial hooters are fundamentally created for warning big population. Also, these are widely demanded residential and commercial areas too. In some areas, these hooters are called as buzzer due to their low frequency of sound. Hooters have been in used since the time of wars where its use was for declaring the significant message to many troops.For any unsafe conditions or emergencies Industrial hooters useful to make a loud noise with a frequency that flows on a large population at a single time to alert them. It is formed for its long durability also these are not that complex devices.Different areas where hooter is usefulThe areas like civil defence areas, emergency vehicles like police vans, fire trucks, ambulances, or public areas such as railways, bus stands, and many more are the places where hooters can be found. These hooters have been helpful for large scale industry to proclaim or alert the public at a single instant without wasting time in proclaiming to the groups individually.Different types of industrial hooters/Sirens that work differently Pneumatic hooter/siren: These are the kind of hooters which are usually used to alert the public by straddling on the emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles, and other places like flying. The present moderation of these type of hooters is transporting low powered compressor to decrease the energy consumption of the pneumatic hooters. Pneumatic hooters are fundamentally aerophones or devices that emit sound by encouraging a body of air to vibrate.Electronic hooter/siren: For alerting the public these are accumulated of electronic circuits (oscillators, modulators, and amplifiers). These are linked to the external speakers which ultimately produce a selected tone of sound for different emergencies. These are the innovative type of sirens which functions on electric supply and the frequency of the sound formed can be adjusted accordingly.Different categories of hooter models exported by the hooter exporters from Delhi • Wi-Fi / IP Electronic Voice Hooters• Electronic Voice Hooters / Talking Hooters• Electronic Miniature Hooters• Electronic Jumbo Hooters• Electronic Weatherproof Hooters• Flameproof Hooters• Electronic Telephone Ringer HootersFeatures of a good Hooter exported by the Hooter Exporters from India • The industrial hooter must be useful as per the requirement• It must give safety plus satisfaction as they design the products on the demand of the customers’ needs• It must be advanced and updated with fire safety devices.• Can be used as safety devices like fire alarms, fire detectors, and fire alarm panel The Peculiarities And Uses Of Cam Rotary Switches Sat, 21 Nov 2020 11:55:25 +0530 The cam rotary switch is an electrical switch used in a wide variety of electrical operations. It is fixed with CAM and each CAM comprises of contact block, which is connected to the hexagonal center shaft. It has very high resistance, exceptional mechanical strength and it can withstand high electrical and mechanical stress. The inside part of the CAM is fixed with high-grade silver contact tips which allow passing mechanical endurance test. It comes with different types of knobs or handles with sharp or clear pointers to be used as per the application.The indicating plates used are made up of plastic material and are available in different color combination. The series is capable to work up to 2.5 kV between phase and terminals.The raw materials used in the making of the switches include plastic granules, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, bakelite powder and many other items. The team of exceptionally experienced engineers produces the switches as per the conformity with international parameters. In the market, the cam rotary switches are available in models such as SDV-SE and SDV-PS. The steel sheet is fixed with three phase selector rotary switches. The SDV-SE series is available with 100 Amp.The SE and PS switches are one of the most popular switches used in a wide variety of applications. These are highly versatile and can be used for a phase to phase, phase to neutral with off, direct and CT operated to check voltage and Amperage. With the advancement in technology, the switches are manufactured keeping in view the latest technology and designed using on-load basis. One should acquire a top-notch quality from the reputed cam rotary switch exporters.USES• Ammeter selector switches• Group Switches• Maintenance Switches• TNC Switches• Multiple Speed Switches• Distribution Switches• Motor Reversing Switches• On and Off Switches• Multiple Speed SwitchesThere are many manufacturers and suppliers who deal with cam rotary switches and provide it at a very cost-effective price. There is a huge demand for such switches, owing to its uses and benefits. The switches are made from high-quality raw material, sourced from the authorized vendors only. The suppliers ensure the use of the latest advanced technologies so that world-class switches are manufactured at a very less price. All the switches are made in accordance with the prescribed quality standards and the guidelines. The cam rotary switches suppliers make sure that each and every batch passes through stringent quality checks to ensure efficient performance and to avoid any damage during transit.Thus, it can be concluded that the cam rotary switches are irreplaceable and dealers dealing it with are earning huge revenues.