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Limit Switches

Limit Switches

SURDHI" Limit Switches have been designed to convert mechanical motion into an electrical control signal. The Limit Switches, which we offer, meet the Hi-Tech requirement of Switching technology demanding Sophistication, Perfection' and Reliability. These Limit Switches are designed for accuracy of operation, long mechanical life to withstand shock and vibration condition and to keep operating safely in highly contaminated atmosphere at a temperature of- 20oC to + 65oC. Mechanical motion is generally in the form of cam, a mechanical component moving towards a predetermined position. The cam engages the Limit Switch Roller Lever or plunger and in turn makes or breaks an electrical contact inside the switch. The electrical control circuit is used to limit; position or reverse motion ravel or to initiate another operating sequence.

Salient Features
  • Liberal spacing is provided around the terminal for easy wiring.
  • The enclosure is compact, dust & vermin proof with pressure die cast aluminum.
  • The switches with IP-67 protection are completely oil tight, water tight with a shaft seal between the lever and the Dust Proof.
  • These are designed for accuracy operation, Long mechanical life and to keep operation safety at a temperature - 20oC tb + 65oC.
  • These are having an outstanding long mechanical life of 20 million switching operations.
  • The mechanical switching accuracy is maintained 0.01 mm even after 10 thousands switching
  • The Contact blocks can be taken out easily and replaced without risk of changing the operating , characteristics of limit switches.
  • Limit Switches are also available with a transparent protective cover to prevent dust setting on the contacts.
  • Contacts are made up of special silver alloy which ensure satisfactory operation even at low voltage, Contacts are rated at 10 Amps


Utilization category AC15 and DC13 as per IS 13947-5-1, IEC 60947-5-1
Thermal Current Ith 10A
Insulation Voltage (UI) 600V AC240 DC
Mechanical Life 20 million operations
Terminal Capacity 2.5mm2/0.75mm2 ,solid or stranded conductors
Enclosure Aluminum Pressure die cast
Contact Block 1 NC + 1 NO, snap action
Connection Screw terminals, 1 cable entry for M20 X 1.5 mm




Surdhi Oil Tight Limit Switch type Sdvl with 1 No + 1 Nc Contacts


Roller Lever 38 mm long with 19 mm dia. 8 mm wide Metal roller

Sdvl – 1

Roller Lever 76.2 mm long with. 19 mm dia. 8 mm wide Metal roller

Sdvl – 2

Adjustable Roller Lever from 32 mm to 82.5 mm with 19 mm dia. 8 mm wide metal roller

Sdvl – A

Top Push Roller Operated with 11.1 mm dia. 4 mm wide Metal roller

Sdvl – Tpr

Side Push roller Operated with 11.1 mm dia. 4 mm wide Metal roller

Sdvl – Spr

Side Push bolt Oeprated adjustable

Sdvl – Spba

General Purpose angular Roller Limit Switch

Sdvl – GS

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